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"I am running a 25-route company with only 18 routes. I eliminated 7 routes and our weekly route averages have increased almost 28%."
— Craig Kushner,
Monumental Vending


Cash, Product Accountability Boost Profits by up to 10%

"Our profitability has increased by almost 10% since going with Streamware. The software paid for itself in just the first year."

The Company

Brigham Young University Vending of Provo, UT is a full-line vending company providing snack and cold beverage machines. The company runs 8 routes to service students, employees, and visitors throughout the large campus.

The Problem

In 2003, BYU and its vending manager, Bob Zahrt, were in the market for new vending software. They were dissatisfied with their current software and hoped to increase efficiency and ROI through DEX, which the current provider did not support. BYU was also dissatisfied with the level of technical service and support. The evaluation process began at the NAMA Spring Expo and ultimately led to a field of three finalists.

BYU’s primary criteria for a new software provider were:

  • A strong, stable company
  • Innovative technology with DEX and accountability features
  • Responsive and capable technical service

According to Zahrt, Streamware stood out during the sales process, filling in many gaps other competitors could not. “Streamware was the only company that could answer all our questions and it was the only team that showed us how to improve ROI specifically and our business overall.

After a thorough assessment of each company’s software and service, BYU selected Streamware. Crane’s ownership of Streamware spoke to the company’s strength and stability. The company’s VendMAX software offered the most advanced technology and all of its clients were DEX-ing to some degree. And lastly, Zahrt was impressed with Streamware’s commitment to seeing BYU succeed.

The Streamware Solution

Streamware installed VendMAX at BYU in March 2004. The transition to VendMAX went very smoothly, according to Zahrt, and his employees found the Streamware handheld easier to use than their previous device. After only 5 months on the system, BYU’s routes were on their way to becoming fully DEX enabled. With DEX, BYU vending could quickly and effortlessly track item level sales, which reaped almost immediate improvements in accountability and profitability.

BYU Vending is now pre-kitting about half its routes. With pre-kitting, employees set up the next day’s delivery order in advance, based on each machine’s forecast. Instead of lugging every product under the sun along with them, drivers go out with only what they need, reducing the amount of capital tied up in inventory.


Fewer routes/Improved productivity
BYU Vending has dramatically improved its productivity since installing VendMAX, the proof of which, said Mr. Zahrt, is "we eliminated two routes (from 10 to 8) while maintaining the same level of business. Our drivers can service the same number of machines in less time, which benefits everyone."

Improved technical support
Zahrt says Streamware’s Technical Service organization is “amazing; they're always available when we need them," which is a refreshing change from the company’s previous software vendor.

Reduced costs/Improved profitability
By pre-kitting its routes in advance of each delivery, BYU vending has stopped using its trucks as a mobile warehouse. In fact, they don’t use trucks anymore—they use smaller, cheaper, more efficient vans. "We've already cut one vehicle and are looking at cutting a second," said Zahrt. "That's an immediate cost reduction of $40,000 thanks the efficiencies we gained with VendMAX."

"Overall," Zahrt concluded, "our profitability has increased by almost 10% since going with Streamware. The software paid for itself in just the first year, so this has been a truly great move for us."