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"Thanks to FoodMAX, our cold food waste has dropped from 33% to under 10%, with an expected, achievable goal of 8%."
— Randy Peak,
Gallins Vending

Cold Food

How Gallins Vending Reduced Cold Food Spoilage

In the Beginning
Gallins Vending was frustrated by a high cold food spoilage rate but wasn't sure how to go about fixing the problem. Like most vend operators, the day was filled with the nitty gritty of running a business and putting out fires; they simply didn't have the time or resources to address other issues. While they were pleased with the benefits VendMAX brought them with regards to DEX, they didn't think about putting VendMAX to work on the cold food problem.

A Visit from Streamware
During a visit by Streamware's support team, Randy Peak voiced his frustration with cold food spoilage. The team asked for a report comparing what the drivers had ordered with what they added to the machines and asked the drivers to name their best- and worst-selling cold food items. Not one driver mentioned any item in the top 10 or the bottom 10, indicating they were not aware of the importance of their actions and its cost to the company.

How VendMAX Can Help
Streamware's team then printed out a VendMAX spoilage report by route and again asked each driver to name the best and worst-selling items. The report confirmed that only 6 of the 25 routes had top selling items yet 14 routes had 6 or more of the worst selling items. By printing out the spoilage report, by POS, for each driver daily, drivers can better understand what is selling at their accounts.

Reduction in Spoilage
Gallins has seen a decrease in spoils on each of the nine routes on FoodMAX. As you can see from the three routes below, the reductions have been significant.

Route A
January 30 18.04%
February 10 9.12%
February 24 5.92%
March 3 2.93%

Route B
January 23 14.65%
February 17 10.62%
March 3 6.11%

Route C
January 23 20.43%
February 3 16.46%
February17 5.92%
February 24 2.30%

Randy Peak says the route drivers now have a great understanding of the critical role they play in the company and how their behavior can negatively or positively affect its performance.