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"Since we started pre-kitting about a year ago, we have dropped the number of routes by one-third, from 16 to 11."
— Bubba Schlader,
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Case Studies

When it comes to explaining the benefits of Streamware, no one says it better than our customers. They’ve done the math…and the numbers speak for themselves. Read the case studies then give us a call at 800-4-STREAM to see how we can help you.

Can you hit these numbers?

  • 100% DEX consistency
  • $200,000 capital expense avoidance/$200,000 annual operating expense avoidance
  • 1 in 4 trucks off the road
  • 29% drop in food waste
  • 44% growth without acquisitions
  • 10% lift in sales
  • 6% cost of goods reduction

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