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"AA Vending has become a more competitive company since taking advantage of the benefits DEX can bring. VendMAX puts everything we need right at our fingertips to help us succeed."
— Mike Moore,
AA Vending

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• AA Vending Boasts 100% DEX consistency with VendMAX
• Palace Vending's Switch to VendMAX, DEX Implementation is a Snap

AA VENDING Boasts 100% DEX consistency with VendMAX


AA Vending of Port Allen, LA is a full -line vending company providing snack and cold beverage machines, coffee, frozen and refrigerated food machines, and ice cream machines.  The company's customers cross multiple industry segments, including hospitals, factories, office buildings, colleges, and hotels. Founded in 1948, AA Vending is the oldest family-owned vending company in Louisiana and is a subsidiary of Lyons Specialty Co., Inc., a wholesale distributor of snacks, groceries, and other consumer products.


AA Vending was enthusiastic about the advent of new vending software that increased efficiency and improved ROI by taking full advantage of DEX capabilities.  The company embarked on a quest to find the right software solution and reviewed all the major vending software options.  According to AA's Mike Moore, Operations Manager for the vending division, he narrowed down his choice to two systems by visiting with the manufacturers at NAMA's 2001 National Expo.

Mr. Moore said he held candid conversations with representatives of both finalists, focusing particularly on the software products' flexibility, ease of access to information, and the diversity and breadth of reporting capabilities. According to Mr. Moore, the strength of the software's reporting function was central to his analysis.  "I was looking for 'wow' reports," he said.  "It's so important for me or our Route Supervisor to have information at our fingertips when we're talking to a customer. I want to build my own reports in response to customer requests and need software that's up to the task."

Following its extensive product review, AA Vending selected VendMAX from Streamware Corporation as its new software provider. VendMAX, said Mr. Moore, "excelled in the areas of providing cash and product accountability, productivity through item-level tracking, and complete support for DEX.


Streamware installed VendMAX at AA Vending in April 2002.  Five of the company's six routes are fully DEX-enabled, with 80% of those machines retrofitted to be DEX compatible.  With DEX, AA Vending can quickly and effortlessly track item level sales.  Mr. Moore said tracking item level is absolutely essential for maximizing AA Vending's sales and profits.  "I need to know what's selling in my machines and not what's selling nationwide.  For example," he observed, "pork skins are big sellers in Baton Rouge and Port Allen, LA but don't sell in other parts of the country.  Without VendMAX's item level tracking capability, I wouldn't know what's hot and what's not in my machines.  What I need to keep and what I should get rid of," Mr. Moore concluded.

VendMAX also enables AA Vending to test market new products. "Without DEX, we could never test new products and see how they were selling," Mr. Moore said.  "By tracking item-level with VendMAX, I can introduce new products and see if my clients' customers like them."

When Streamware first introduced VendMAX and its handheld computer, AA Vending's drivers were a bit apprehensive about embracing new technology.  That quickly changed.  "The VendMAX handheld became the driver's friend really quickly," said Mr. Moore.  "They wondered why we waited so long to get them.  By using the handheld to download sales data from the machine, said Moore, "drivers can finish their route faster and more efficiently.  They bring in more money, which is certainly a big hit around here," he exclaimed.


AA Vending enjoys 100% DEXing consistency, and has gotten cash and product accountability down to >1 and >2% respectively.  For details, read on.

Fewer Routes/Improved Productivity
AA Vending has dramatically improved its productivity since installing VendMAX, the proof of which, said Mr. Moore, is "we eliminated two routes (from 8 to 6) while maintaining the same level of business.  Our drivers can service the same number of machines in less time," he observed, "which is a win-win situation all around." 

Improved Customer Relationships
When a client calls Mr. Moore with a question, he's got an immediate answer thanks to VendMAX's analytical capabilities.  "I can get an answer in 10 seconds to virtually anything my clients need to know," he said. "Having VendMAX has definitely enhanced the level of customer service we provide.

"WOW" Reports
When Mike Moore went looking for software, he demanded "wow" reports.  With VendMAX, Moore says he's found them.  "The reports I find most helpful are the DEX reports, which provides me an instant look at the money room count versus what was DEX'ed from the machines; the Financials and Sales reports; and the End of Day Full Line Report," he said.  "This reporting function is so robust, we closed out our fiscal year on June 30 and had all our year-end reports done by July 2!"

Mike Moore said he can easily sum up the benefits of "going DEX" with VendMAX in four words: accountability, productivity, responsibility, simplicity.  "AA Vending has become a more competitive company since taking advantage of the benefits DEX can bring," he concluded.  "VendMAX puts everything we need right at our fingertips to help us succeed."

Palace Vending's Switch to VendMAX, DEX Implementation is a Snap

Before VendMAX

Palace Vending was using EMS software and knew its operation had room for improvement. "We used route cards, group items, and the money room was not connected to the computers," according to John Nottingham.  After reviewing several vending software options, Palace switched to VendMAX.

The VendMAX Conversion

"Our conversion to VendMAX—including implementing DEX—was a pretty seamless process and we started seeing efficiency improvements almost immediately," said Jeff. "Our staff adapted to the new system easily and we haven't lost a single driver."


After six months with VendMAX, Palace Vending was using handhelds, DEXing all six routes, and the money room was connected. "We are reorganizing routes, using planograms, and seeing noticeable improvements in cash accountability. Finally seeing, and being able to use, item-level machine sales is astounding," said Jeff.