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• Treasure Valley Coffee Uses Advanced Software Tools from Streamware to Help Expand its Business
• BostonBean Relies on DeliveryMAX to Improve Inventory Accountability

Treasure Valley Coffee Uses Advanced Software Tools from Streamware to Help Expand its Business

"We can sell a whole warehouse worth of product without loading the warehouse on the truck."

The Company

Tom Boyer founded Treasure Valley Coffee (TVC) in 1984 in Boise, Idaho. Under Boyer's leadership the company has grown steadily, both geographically and operationally. Covering a wide swath of territory from eastern Oregon to all of Idaho, TVC now has 75 employees and 24 routes, and offers 4,500 items to its customers.

Extending well beyond the typical OCS operation, TVC's product line includes vending, coffee service, bottled water, cleaning supplies, and first aid supplies—virtually everything office clients might require.

The Problem

Boyer is a classic "early adopter" of technology. He began using handheld computers in 1994 to manage his growing business. He used handhelds to maximize the productivity of his sales force, to manage the ever-growing product line, and to streamline the entire operation. Ten years later, however, he needed to find a new solution.

Committed to finding a solution for the long-term, Boyer evaluated three leading vending and delivery solutions. His primary goals for the new software/handheld system were:

  • Capability of "pre-selling" at each account with a handheld
  • Print "load sheet" for each route and day
  • Reduce shrink
  • Improve inventory control
  • Provide salespeople tools and info to manage each account

When the new technology solution was in place, Boyer expected to have the ability to warehouse and stock up to 10,000 products while delivering to each customer just the products they needed using small vans.

The Streamware Solution

Since TVC is not your average OCS operator, Streamware has teamed with Boyer to make DeliveryMAX work for his diversified operation. Given the thousands of products TVC stocks, a key benefit of DeliveryMAX is getting the right product on the truck each day. "This system takes the guesswork away from stocking the truck. The handheld's invoice screen tells us the previous sales history, today's order, and allows the salesperson to complete an order for the next delivery even if it's 4 weeks away," said Boyer. "This lets my vans go out with just what's needed without any impact on customer service." Boyer's salespeople also use "par” levels, take an inventory at the account, and control their own "standing orders" to track exactly the products that each account uses.

The DeliveryMAX system has the capability of "rolling up" all of a day's orders into a load sheet for each salesperson, allowing them to stock their vans with just the products needed for each account that day.

For example, TVC's bottled water routes typically have a few coffee accounts. With DeliveryMAX, Boyer can schedule the coffee delivery four weeks in advance and not carry around unnecessary coffee product. "When it's time for the coffee delivery, the load sheet pops up and the driver adds the items to the van for the account," said Boyer. "We're managing inventory, minimizing truckload, and maximizing customer service."


Boyer estimates his company saves approximately one hour per driver per day by using DeliveryMAX to manage his inventory. He said that extra hour means, "My salesmen can stay in the field longer and sell more items, maybe introduce some new products to our customers."

Boyer also has complete control of the inventory at all stages of his business – in the warehouse, on the routes, and at his customer accounts. As a result, he has been able to reduce overall inventory.

As TVC continues to expand, DeliveryMAX will be a valuable technology partner. "We can sell a whole warehouse worth of product without loading the warehouse on the truck," Boyer observed. "I can continue to diversify my product offerings and expand my customer base with confidence because I have the tools to handle it."

With DeliveryMAX fully implemented throughout his 24 routes, Boyer plans to expand its use to six other licensed Treasure Valley Coffee distributors in the Northwest and Texas.

BostonBean Relies on DeliveryMAX to Improve Inventory Accountability

"DeliveryMAX has become BostonBean's lifeline; it's the heart and brain of our operation."