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"I am running a 25-route company with only 18 routes. I eliminated 7 routes and our weekly route averages have increased almost 28%."
— Craig Kushner,
Monumental Vending


Monumental Vending Sees Great Results with Pre-Kitting

The Company

Monumental Vending is a full-line vending and OCS company, offering cold beverages, snacks, coffee, fresh food and other fine refreshments to its diverse client base in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

By combining the latest technology advancements available in the vending industry with an intense dedication to service since 1991, Monumental Vending clearly separates itself from its competition.

The Situation

A long-time Streamware customer, Monumental has always placed a high priority on technology to advance the business. Using VendMAX, it was the first operator in the country to be completely item-level DEX. When Streamware introduced its pre-kitting module, Monumental was eager to integrate that technology into its operation.

The Streamware Solution

Beginning slowly, the company rolled-out pre-kitting on one route and then on a second. Monumental chose routes with enthusiastic drivers, whose success "created a positive buzz," said Monumental President Craig Kushner. "This will make other drivers want to get in on the benefits of pre-kitting."

Monumental hired lower-wage warehouse employees to pre-kit the bins and set up a pre-kit "assembly line" to facilitate the operation. Each day VendMAX creates order pick documents by forecasting machine sales. The warehouse picks the orders, puts them in portable bins, and loads them on the truck. When the driver pulls up to the account, he simply takes the bins to the machines and services as needed. This saves the time to go count the machine, saves the pick time on the truck, and lets the truck return empty


Today, Monumental Vending pre-kits 18 routes. It is doing the same volume of business that would have required 25 routes. Kushner said Monumental has enjoyed significant savings thanks to pre-kitting, "Cutting routes allowed us to sell excess route trucks; save on the operating expense of the trucks (maintenance, gas/oil, inventory); and eliminate wage costs. All told, we avoided $200,000 in capital expenses and $200,000 in annual operating expenses thanks to pre-kitting."