The vending industry's undisputed technology leader introduces the most robust, versatile and efficient wireless remote monitoring and reporting system—STREAMWARE CONNECT.
Streamware Connect is an end-to-end remote monitoring solution for vending. Now you can enjoy the benefits of seamless integration with Streamware's VendMAX software, the Currenza Recycler payment solution, and your Crane vending machines.
When you know with certainty when to service the machines and what product to place in them, you can serve more machines on the same route, with no additional resources. That lets you consolidate routes and significantly increase route efficiencies.

We named this superior new product Streamware Connect. You might call it Streamware Complete!


Streamware Connect…

  • Provides 24/7 real-time access to sales,
    inventory, cash, and machine data
  • Boosts functionality of VendMAX's
    Dynamic Scheduling and Pre-Kitting modules
  • Turns machine alerts into service calls automatically... before you hear from a dissatisfied customer
  • Enables cashless transactions and
    remote monitoring on a single network