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Featured Testimonial

"Our conversion to VendMAX—including implementing DEX—was a pretty seamless process and we started seeing efficiency improvements almost immediately. Our staff adapted to the new system easily and we haven't lost a single driver.

After six months with VendMAX, we are using handhelds, DEXing all six routes, and the money room is connected. We are reorganizing routes, using planograms, and seeing noticeable improvements in cash accountability. Finally seeing, and being able to use, item-level machine sales is astounding."

— John Nottingham,
Palace Vending


s1 Implementation that's Less Pain…More Gain

If your current vending software isn't doing the job for you but you're afraid that switching will wreak havoc with your operation, talk to Streamware. We know how to switch customers from their old technology to VendMAX with minimal disruption and maximum results.

Whether you've got 5 or 250 routes, you'll be up and running on VendMAX right from the start. Within a short time you'll be reaping the rewards of item-level tracking—complete cash and product accountability, merchandising, route efficiencies.

Integrating new technologies into your business is never disruption-free, but Streamware has the experience and resources to limit the pain and increase the gain.

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Roll-Out Options

Streamware follows a proven implementation methodology, applying best practices learned from a parent company with decades of business process management expertise. The result is a precision rollout more streamlined and straightforward than any other vending software provider.

Phased Implementation

Services are implemented serially, allowing the client to become familiar with each phase before proceeding to the next. With this option, Back Office services are implemented before Vending Services, allowing you to slowly phase into the new environment.

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Quick Start

If you're anxious to get started with VendMAX and have the necessary financial and employee resources, the Quick Start program is for you.

We implement Back Office and Vending Services in parallel, which requires multiple Streamware consultants to work on the project simultaneously.

In this model we:
  • Analyze and configure the requirement of the vending machine auditing capabilities while the system environment is being set up and installed
  • When the setup and DEX Services are completed, the Handheld Integration services are delivered, which facilitates the full benefits of auditing and process control of the Vending environment
  • Upon completion of Setup Services, and after several routes are in production, the advanced features of the system are tuned to meet your computing environment

Impact on Daily Operation

  • Streamware assigns a Dedicated Project Manager to coordinate all implementation activities and communicate regularly with your Lead VendMAX resource
  • You assign one employee as the full-time Lead VendMAX resource. He or she will be Streamware's key liaison; your other employees can go about their business with minimal disruption
  • We transition you "apples to apples." If you're currently using route cards, we'll switch you to VendMAX using route cards. If you're using handhelds at the product category level and cash meter, we'll mimic that model first then quickly bring you up to DEXing and item-level tracking.

Pace of DEX Implementation

Streamware customers have enjoyed enormous benefits from DEX with regards to cash accountability and instant inventorying. We know you're anxious to begin Dexing with VendMAX ASAP. You may also be concerned about the impact a full DEX rollout will have on your operation. Streamware recommends rolling out DEX first to those machines already in place today. As your resources allow, you can expand your DEX rollout over time

Customization Services

Operators' needs vary by size, location, and culture, so Streamware offers many customization services. This service may consist of a single custom report or a fully-integrated solution between VendMAX and your enterprise-wide accounting package.


A team of seasoned problem-solving technicians staffs Streamware's Technical Support department. Telephone support is facilitated with the help of remote monitoring software, which allows a technician to connect to your computer. This provides faster problem solving and a teaching tool as the customer learns by seeing the technician in operation.