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Your Profitability Tool for a Competitive Edge

You want to run your business at maximum efficiency and profitability. You've got questions about sales, profits, and business trends. DataMAX 2.0 can provide the answers, digging deep into the data stored in VendMAX to help you make timely, better informed decisions.

Using advanced Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology, DataMAX 2.0's executive-level reporting, exception reporting, and customized views for fine-tuned analysis provide management with instant answers to critical questions.

Key DataMAX Features

Executive-Level Reporting
When you need answers to your critical business questions, DataMAX 2.0 can quickly find and present the information in a single view.

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  • Start with the "30,000 ft view" of data across all customers, routes, and machines
  • Drill into details without running additional reports or moving between screens
  • Go as deep as you need—down to the machine level if need be—for the data you're looking for

Exception Reporting
Don't weed through pages of data to find the short list of current or potential problems

  • Pinpoint problem areas quickly and efficiently
  • You set the thresholds for problem areas, DataMAX produces Exception Reports with only the exceptions you want to see for quick decision making.
  • Add highlighting to spotlight critical conditions

Customized Views
With DataMAX 2.0, you're in control, tailoring views to match your unique needs.

  • Define how you want to view, analyze, and report the data
  • Build your own views for exporting data into accounting software – no costly custom work required

What You Can Learn and What you Can Do with the Data

What You Can Learn What You Can Do
Sales by type of machine (eg can vs bottle; combo; food; coffee)
  • Compare machine performance; Ask, "Do I want a new client who says ‘All I want is coffee machines'?"
  • When you get a new account, ask, "Do I pull one from an existing account or do I buy a new one?"
Rolling 12-month trend analysis Review:
  • Customer in total (profitability; am I maximizing my opportunity?)
  • By location, by machine, by product level
    • explain why sales are low
    • what merchandising has or hasn't been done
  • Why did sales drop in June? Supervisor might look into it and say, "We pulled all chocolate out of the machine because of the summer"
Where were products sold
  • Know how any product performed in last 30 days
  • Know what the selling price for a particular product was across all machines
  • Find out if it's selling at some locations below your established threshold
DEX cash by route by point of sale
  • Drill in to each location's cash accountability to analyze a route's performance
Price deviation by customer
  • Adjust pricing at locations where prices should be consistent
Monthly sales analysis
  • See low volume machines by customer by POS
Sales by route by customer by POS
Spoilage by route by customer by POS
  • See if the route driver is under-performing
  • Too much waste could indicate:
    • Not watching expiration dates
    • Overfilling machines
    • Theft
    • Bad account; need to remove the machine
  • Low sales volume could indicate:
    • Not going to machine often enough
    • Bad customer; we should pull machine
    • Driver not finishing his daily route
Last 6 months, sales and spoilage, by customer
  • Present information to customers for review
Sell-outs by POS
  • Check up on route supervisor

DataMAX System Requirements

Required Software
  • SQL Server 2005
  • VendMAX or higher

Recommended Hardware -- Minimum Requirements

A. Low End Client/Server Configuration – Below 5 routes
  • Dual Core Intel  3.0GHz
  • CD/ROM 40X 
  • 2 GB Memory
  • 150GB SCSII Disk Drive - RAID Recommended
  • Data Backup Device and Uninterruptible Power Supply

B. Mid-Range Client Server Configuration – 5 to 10 Routes  

  • Dual Pentium 3.0GHz
  • CD/ROM 4X
  • 4 GB SDRAM
  • 270 GB Disk Space – RAID Recommended (for VendMAX Data file)
  • Backup Device and Uninterruptible Power Supply

Note: Options A and B may use existing VendMAX Server

C. High End Client Server Configuration – 10+ routes (Requires Separate DataMAX Server)

  • Dual Pentium 2.0GHz
  • CD/ROM 4X
  • 4 GB SDRAM
  • 200 GB Disk Space – RAID Recommended (for VendMAX Data file)
  • Backup Device and Uninterruptible Power Supply

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack (SP) 4 or later preferred (other Windows platforms also compatible)

Sample Screen Shots

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Rolling Six-Month Analysis
DataMAX reports comparing six-month route performance. Drill down to customer, machine or as far as needed. Click the thumbnail images to enlarge.

Product Performance
View product performance for any time period. Compare volume and prices between customers and machines.

Product Spoilage
Monitor excess spoilage by route and customer. View monthly, weekly or daily and drill down to the machine level.