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"DeliveryMAX has reduced our in-office labor costs by eliminating much of the daily data-entry work. Another real plus is the very convenient way for us to be able to calculate and pull up an invoice at any time during the month without having to close the whole month out. Its user-friendly format has also allowed for an easy transition while converting from our previous system. The entire Streamware staff made our conversion and implementation a smooth and professional experience."
— Gail Smith,
Territory Sales Manager, Iowa Vending / PepsiAmericas

DeliveryMAX is an advanced software system for OCS and delivery operations. By automating virtually every aspect of their operations, operators can improve inventory control, increase drivers' productivity, and maximize profitability.

DeliveryMAX is the only fully integrated OCS software program that enables operators to run both sides of their business from a single system. Based on the same powerful software and easy-to-use pen-based handheld that makes VendMAX so effective, DeliveryMAX features such timesaving and profit-enhancing features as:

Software Features

Sample Payment History Report

  • Flexible pricing schemes for ease of account set-up and maintenance
  • Financial control (aging reports, statements, sales tax reporting, salesman commission, etc)
  • Order creation using history or standard orders
  • Asset tracking including rental billings
  • Simple to use route scheduling includes route balancer for quick changes
  • User-friendly front-end design simplifies tele-sales order taking
  • Delivery invoice consolidation (weekly, monthly and so on)
  • Service call tracking and history
  • Drill down exception reporting
  • Crystal Reports for data analysis

Handheld Features

The cutting-edge DeliveryMAX handheld was the first to support signature capture for delivery confirmation. With this ruggedized, reliable handheld, employees can:

  • Take orders on-site
  • Print invoices on the spot or in the truck
  • Accept payment for outstanding invoices
  • Bar-code inventory in the warehouse and truck

Additional handheld features include:

  • Full route account list always available for unscheduled stops
  • Pick-up and weekend routes are simple to handle
  • Standing orders on the handheld can be edited at the account
  • Pricing for all products is downloaded to handheld
  • Track equipment placement and removal

Advanced Sales Support

  • Full product list with pricing and tax structures, by account
  • Standing orders
  • List of recently ordered products, by account
  • Pricing history
  • Sales history

Invoicing/Accounts Receivable

  • Receivables aging
  • Finance charges
  • Rental billing
  • Warn sell & hold sell
  • Single statement vend commissions/OCS invoice
  • Credit Memos
  • Unapplied payments and credits report
  • Payment and sales history
  • Print invoices with signatures

DeliveryMAX Screen Shots


Accounts Receivable
DeliveryMAX has complete AR functionality, automating such tasks as researching payment history, viewing aging reports, and analyzing credit history by invoice.

End-of-Day Report
The End-of-Day delivery report shows which delivery Points of Sale were serviced on each route for a specified day and how much money was collected at each POS.

Manage Rentals
DeliveryMAX simplifies equipment rental tracking and billing.

One-Click Printing
Print invoices on the spot.

Pricing Sheets give you flexibility when setting up pricing rules. Set prices by type of customer, individual customer, product line, or specific product. Mix and match. Pricing can also be defined as contractual, based upon product cost or list price.

Standing Orders
The DeliveryMAX Standing Orders Report allows you to print out the standing orders for all Points of Sale scheduled for a certain day, along with the quantity sold in the last sale for each item. Optionally, it will also show all items and the quantities that were sold in the last delivery sale for each POS.


Signature Capture
DeliveryMAX allows your customers to sign on the handheld using a stylus. The signature is then uploaded the system when the handheld is sunc, and will be printed on the Invoice Report.