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Featured Testimonial

"Food waste has dropped from 33% to under 10%, with an expected, achievable goal of 8%."
— Randy Peak,
Gallins Vending


Especially designed to manage cold food vending, FoodMAX helps operators slash food waste and increase cold food sales.  With our unique cold food software tools FoodMAX forecasts the right quantity and mix of products that will result in the highest sales and lowest waste for the menu.

Key FoodMAX Features

  • Forecast product placement and service scheduling based on historic sales
  • Set up and schedule cold food menus. Menus identify available products for a particular day
  • Establish variable pricing by customer and location. For example, Hamburgers can sell for $1.25 in one machine and $1.50 in another
  • Establish varying capacity levels by machine for different tray sizes, such as large platters
  • Calculate proper product levels; if a product has never been wasted in a food machine, the forecast mechanism will automatically increase the food order until the proper sales volume is reached
  • Allow new products to be added to cold food orders
  • Set minimum and maximum par levels per item or class regardless of sales history

The FoodMAX Handheld

The industry's first cold food machine handheld is designed specifically for the fastest and most accurate servicing of the machines. Rather than relying on a fixed planogram, which is typical for soda or snack machines, the cold food handheld allows products to be scanned in or out of any location in the machine, just like supermarkets scan product on and off the shelves. The barcode contains the product code, and optionally the expiration date of the product.

How FoodMAX Works

Product/Service Forecasting
FoodMAX uses historical sales data to predict what is needed to fill the machine, ensuring the appropriate quantities are left at the next service. In effect, FoodMAX sets a target number of units that will remain or be spoiled when the machine is serviced. By controlling spoils on a machine-by-machine basis operators can satisfy their customers' requirements that machines not run empty.

Since food sales can vary by day of week, FoodMAX's forecasting algorithm takes these variations into account, as well as product performance, waste, and number of days till next service.  In addition, irregular events such as holidays or snow days can be excluded from the forecast.

Machine Servicing
At the machine, the driver
  • Records one inventory number—the total number of products remaining in the machine
  • Scans via the VendMAX handheld (or records manually) out-of-date products

These two steps provide FoodMAX with performance information that will improve the next forecast for that day. We recommend periodic full inventories to provide the forecast with the most detailed data possible.

From the forecast, production schedules and packing slips, and can be obtained.  Cold food orders can also be entered or edited by the drivers.

FoodMAX offers operators a range of reports to help them improve the efficiency of their cold food management, including:

  • Order status
  • Cold food sales history
  • Daily menu
  • Food forecasting
  • Sales account

Sample Screen Shots

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Maintain Daily Menus

Cold Food Ordering

Driver Handheld Screen

Packing Report
hows a breakdown of how many of each product is required for each route, along with the product totals.  It can also be printed by POS.

Production Report
Prints out the number of each product that should be produced at each commissary for the specified date. The report can also summarize by route.

Sales Account Report
Displays information on Revenue, Spoils, Cost, and Gross Margin and allows a comparison across named periods.