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Your Profitability Tool for a Competitive Edge

Your Profitability Tool for a Competitive Edge

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"Food waste has dropped from 33% to under 10%, with an expected, achievable goal of 8%."
— Randy Peak,
Gallins Vending

The Streamware Handheld

How did the vending industry ever get along without handhelds?  Paper tickets, manual data entry, zero accountability—those are relics of the past. Handhelds have brought vending into the digital age, and the Streamware handheld is the most advanced and reliable in vending. It's also the easiest to learn and use.

Our Windows® Mobile handheld application supports:

These ruggedized, mobile devices are designed for the rigors of all-day, every day usage in the field and the office. They boast essential features that improve accountability, productivity, and—ultimately—profitability.

Key Handheld Features

  • Provides full DEX support for all resident and after-market DEX systems
  • DEX captures meter, cash, and inventory information in less than 5 seconds
  • Bar-codes inventory in the warehouse, truck, and machine with unmatched accuracy
  • Tracks refunds, changer fills, and test vends
  • Cleanly associates money bags with the machine—no need to print tickets or sort bags

  • Handles cold food, OCS, vending/OCS combo, cup/coffee, beverage, snack, and space to sales
  • Eliminates time-consuming data entry
  • Pen-based graphical interface replicates familiar route card environment for ease of training
  • Improves communication between driver and office
  • Scan barcodes when moving or counting inventory
  • Administration module allows supervisors to change machine configuration setup and prices
  • Drivers can view or print product picklist for servicing a machine or group of machines
  • Access machines from one route or more routes on the Handheld
  • For users who are pre-kitting
    • Generates load quantities for driver
    • Generates driver picklists and automatically fills in electronic route card
    • Drivers make one trip to the machine—no need to check product first

  • Know the value of coins and bills in the money bags with DEX
  • Precisely account for every item (machine, truck, and warehouse)
  • Completely secure the machines with product, cash meter, and DEX accountability with less driver effort
  • Increase driver's stops per day with no increase in time
  • Eliminate salary for data entry employee

Back-Office Operations

  • The Handheld sync can automatically print end-of-day reports and truck loads for the following day
  • End-of-day reports identify over- and under-serviced machines, unscheduled and missed stops, along with time at each machine.  Route supervisors are informed and able to talk to drivers immediately.
  • Money room is immediately informed about incoming money bags and can begin counting right away. Counted money is automatically tied to the vend visit transaction.

Warehouse Operations

The Handheld allows your warehouse manager to:
  • Carry out warehouse or truck inventories
  • Transfer product to trucks or other warehouses
  • Direct receiving or PO's

Route supervisor can also run inventory accountability reports, tracking product movement to and from each warehouse or truck.  In addition, route drivers may transfer or receive product from or to their trucks, taking ownership of the product.

The Handheld software can read and learn barcodes, which may come from each manufacturer/supplier or can be easily developed in-house using Microsoft Word and office labels.

Handheld Screen Shots

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Snack Pick List
When curbside forecasting, drivers use the Pick List to know what to pull for each machine

Uses barcode scanning to check delivered product against a PO or scan in receipts

Zone-to-Zone Transfer
Tracks product inventory moving from the warehouse to the truck or between trucks


Driver Handheld Screen
The cold food handheld allows products to be scanned in or out of any location in the machine. The barcode contains the product code, and optionally the expiration date of the product.


Delivery Sales / Delivery Orders
The new Products screen in DeliveryMAX is designed to allow the drivers to see their Standing Orders, Orders, History, and other products sold, all on one screen. This screen also allows the driver to see a history of what was sold on the last two visits (in the last month).

DeliveryMAX allows you to enter payments on the handheld, specify whether they are cash, check or charge, and enter in the credit card information or check number. Your drivers will also be able to see unpaid invoices and apply payments to them.

Signature Capture
DeliveryMAX allows your customers to sign on the handheld using a stylus. The signature is then uploaded the system when the handheld is sunc, and will be printed on the Invoice Report.

Standing Orders
Drivers can add and remove items on the Standing Order, as well as change quantities for existing items.