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InfoVend is Streamware's syndicated market research service for the vending channel. Launched in 1996, InfoVend now boasts a national sample size of 9,000 snack machines and five complete years of national and regional item-level product sales data for historical analysis. The aggregated data is drawn from participating Streamware customers' sales figures and kept strictly anonymous—no company name is ever associated with particular sales data.

In exchange for providing InfoVend their sales data, Streamware's vend operator customers receive:

  • Monthly reports of the Top 10 selling products, by category (such as salty snacks, candy, etc.)  The reports analyze sales both nationally and by region.
  • Twice-a-year updates of product images for Plan-o-grams

The valuable national and regional sales data complements the location-specific information generated by VendMAX and helps operators strengthen same-machine sales by identifying top selling items by category and location.

If you are a current Streamware customer who has been tracking sales at the item-level for at least one year and would like to become an InfoVend subscriber, contact Lee Beal at (800) 4-STREAM, extension 5885 or