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Curbside Forecasting

Step in Streamware Process Step 4
When implemented Months 5 - 9
Profitability Increase Increased to 11.4%
(when done with pre-kitting)

When you implement curbside forecasting you can get rid of that rolling warehouse known as your truck. That's because you already know what product to bring to each account, thanks to VendMAX's proprietary forecasting algorithm that predicts what's going to sell each day.

When you driver pulls up to each account, he or she simply checks the handheld or paper slip and brings in only what's needed. No need to go into the account to check inventory…saving one trip to machines at every location. And you know time savings for drivers translates into a more efficient operation.

Curbside forecasting also lets you keep a lean-and-mean inventory. The truck goes out only with what it needs and comes back virtually empty!

When you're doing curbside forecasting you can:

  • Save 1 trip to bank of machines at every location
  • Consolidate 1 in 8 routes
  • Save $70,000/year/ truck

Forecasting From Truck Components

Curbside Forecasting