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"With Streamware's DEX handheld, a machine can be inventoried in 10 seconds. The machine can be filled in 10 minutes. Each driver now does an additional $6,000 per month in the same amount of time. I cannot imagine running our vending company any other way."
Jamie Edman, Total Vending Services

DEX has revolutionized vending since its introduction in the 1990's.  Thanks to DEX, vending machines can communicate transaction data to operators via handhelds and remote monitoring technology. Goodbye driver's intuition and paper tickets; goodbye manual meter readings; goodbye lost cash and product.

There's DEX…and then there's Streamware DEX

When it comes to vending software, Streamware is the undisputed DEX leader:
  • Almost 200 customers are using item-level DEX, from 5-route operators to multi-branch national operators
  • 2,500 routes, over 200,000 machines are being DEX'd with VendMAX software
  • Streamware customers DEX with @99% consistency

VendMAX Has DEX Features our Competitors Can't Match

  • 6 DEX cash fields not just "cash meter"
    • COIN_TO_BOX = Coins in the coin box
    • BILLS_TO_STACKER = Value of bills in the bill stacker
    • TUBE_CASH = Cash sent to coin tubes
    • TUBE_VALUE = Value of coins in the coin mech
    • CASH_OUT = Cash dispensed in change
    • VENDED_CASH = regular cash meter
    • CARD_CASH = Value of cash in cashless transactions. Critical for anyone using credit card and cashless systems to do cash accountability

    With all the information—coin, bills, and cointube—VendMAX absolutely nails cash accountability.

  • DEX inventory data is combined with forecasting inventory—no manual inventory

Detailed DEX Report

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