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Dynamic Scheduling

Step in Streamware Process Step 7
When implemented Months 10-12
Profitability Increase Increased to 14.1%

Vending industry research shows that 1 in every 4 machines is over-serviced. With gas prices going through the roof, wouldn't it be nice to know—not guess—when it's time to visit a machine? And wouldn't it be even nicer to service 20% more machines without adding resources? With Dynamic Scheduling the answer is a loud "Yes!"

How it Works

VendMAX's Dynamic Scheduling module puts you in control of scheduling, letting you set parameters for service, such as dollars in the machine or numbers of sold out products. VendMAX then calculates service schedules based on actual machine activity and sophisticated algorithms. Data is transferred wirelessly via Streamware Connect, Streamware's remote monitoring solution, automating one of vending's most critical decisions.  When used in combination with Streamware Connect, Streamware's remote monitoring solution, dynamic scheduling provides precise 'just in time' machine schedules. And with the software automatically scheduling the machines, you save the labor costs of someone doing the job manually.

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Benefits of Dynamic Scheduling

Eliminate wasted trips Save gas, time, and money by servicing only when needed
Increase productivity Serve up to 20% more machines on the same route with no additional resources.
Increase route sales Routes can generate over $15k/week.
Save supervisor's time No need to manage under- and over-serviced machine schedules
Consolidate routes Eliminate 1 in 5 trucks through smarter scheduling
Improve customer experience Fewer interruptions and sell-outs; better-stocked machines

You Set the Parameters…VendMAX Sets the Schedule
Every company is different. We don't tell you how to set your schedules…we take your parameters and alert you every time a machine is ready for service.