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Step in Streamware Process Step 5
When implemented Months 5 - 9
Profitability Increase Increased to 11.4%

Pre-kitting has emerged as the most effective model for cutting costs and boosting profitability in the vending industry. Streamware pioneered pre-kitting in the late 1990's and remains the undisputed leader in this route efficiency solution.

The Benefits of Pre-Kitting

Pre-Kitting Operation

Streamware pre-kitting customers have consolidated one out of every four trucks, leading to a $70,000 savings per truck per year. For an eight-route operator, that's a $140,000 savings. A 20-route operator can take five trucks off road for a $350,000 annual savings. Here's why:

Drivers make one trip to the machines and don't need to pull product from the back of the truck or shop product when they return to warehouse. This equates to 30% of their daily work time and translates into a 1 in 4 truck consolidation.

When trucks become delivery vehicles not rolling warehouses, inventory is not limited by the size of the truck. With ever-growing multiples of product sizes and varieties, operators can meet customer demand without breaking the bank—or the truck!

Just load what is needed for the day. Trucks come home virtually empty, cost less to fuel, and less to maintain.

How Pre-Kitting Works

Pre-kitting makes everyone's life easier and your business more successful.
  1. VendMAX creates order pick documents by forecasting machine sales
  2. Lower-wage warehouse employees pick the orders, put them in portable bins, and load them on the truck
  3. Drivers come in and their trucks are already loaded; they're ready to head out on their route
  4. Upon arrival at each location, drivers take the bins out, service each machine, and pull the money. No need to visit the machine first—everything that's required is in the bin. That time savings allows drivers to service 20-30% more machines, on average, than they could without pre-kitting.
  5. Drivers return to the warehouse with minimal inventory on the truck.