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Featured Testimonial

"Just a quick note to congratulate you on Angela, a great customer service employee. She has been the face of Streamware since I left training. Her seemingly endless good nature, patience, and product knowledge has been put to the test by my regular questions. My office manager uses terms of affection with her that have otherwise been reserved for her children!"

"Customer support is a thankless job. I worked on, and then ran, help desks in Financial Services firms for a few years. The interpersonal skills that Angela has are hard to come by, and close to impossible to train."

— Jonathan Stanton,
Service & Integrity Vending Inc.
"I have nothing but praise for Chuck, Kurt, and the rest of the gang. They are professional, courteous, friendly, and display a genuine interest in helping us resolve any problems that may arise. I wish more companies maintained a support staff similar to the Streamware Support Staffers. Great job, guys."
— Chuck Diehl,
Longleaf Canteen



The Streamware Support Center is our solution for effective and responsive remote support. Our commitment for each call is simple: To provide our customers with a fast response and a resolution that meets your expectations.

Support Center Hours
Monday – Friday 7:00am to 8:00pm EST (except major holidays)

About the Support Team
  • 100+ combined years of experience
  • 100% have "in the field" experience
  • 25% have worked in the vending industry
  • 25% are former VendMAX users

Top Reasons to use the Support Center for Streamware Applications
  • "How do I…" questions
  • "Is there a better way to…" questions
  • Troubleshooting problems and errors
  • General advice and other questions

What should I do before calling Support?
We're always happy to help customers solve problems.  But sometimes you can take a few simple steps on your own before calling our Support Center.

If your problem is:
Handheld related… Try a "warm boot" to see if it clears the problem
Commissions related…Try a recalc financials and regenerate commissions

How to use the Support Center

For URGENT issues:
  • Call our toll-free number at 800-765-2545 then press "2"
  • Calls are taken in the order in which they are received.
  • Priority service is given to situations where your business can no longer operate
  • Each call is assigned a "call ticket" that uniquely identifies it in our call tracking system

NOTE: If you are calling about a problem, please be prepared to discuss

  • Any Error Message you received from the software
  • What you were doing just before the problem occurred
  • Whether you have experienced this problem before, and how recently
  • Whether you upgraded recently
  • The version of VendMAX you are running

If your call is NOT URGENT (e.g general information questions) email us at