Crane - Streamware

Why Streamware

"I am running a 25-route company with only 18 routes.  I eliminated 7 routes and our weekly route averages have increased almost 28%."
Craig Kushner, Monumental Vending

The answer to "Why Streamware?" is simple.

  1. Our New Vending Model takes your business to the next level by improving every aspect of your operation, from the money room to the truck to the back office and warehouse.
  2. Wherever you are in your company's growth, you'll benefit from our Seven Steps to Increased Profitability. From the basics like Cash Accountability up to the advanced Remote Monitoring and Dynamic Scheduling, you'll see an impact on your bottom line.
  3. Switching to VendMAX has never been easier. It's not disruption-free but Streamware has the experience and resources to make the switch to VendMAX with minimal disturbance and maximum results.
  4. Our customers' successes tell the story. Can your current software help you reach these numbers?
    • 100% DEX consistency
    • 1 in 4 trucks off the road
    • 29% drop in cold food waste
    • 44% growth without acquisitions
    • 10% lift in sales
  5. Streamware and its Crane partners provide the end-to-end solution your operation needs to ensure maximum convenience, efficiency, and reliability.

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