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7 step process

Streamware's 7 Step Process


Wherever you are in your business development, VendMAX can help you get to the next level. Our 7-Step Process for Vending Profitability provides a roadmap for implementing our New Vending Model.

With the NAMA average profitability at 1.9% (down from 11% just a decade ago,) you need the boost VendMAX will bring you. If you’re just getting started we’ll help you nail the basics, like cash accountability, DEX, and merchandising.

If you’re further along the process, Streamware can help you do the advanced things no other software solution does well (if they do it at all), like pre-kitting, wireless remote monitoring, and dynamic scheduling.

Streamware is with you every the step of the way on your road to greater profitability.

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